Roof Repair in Spring TX

The house covering, the roof is a structural must have that should not be overlooked when it comes to care through proper inspection and maintenance. It is the protection that should never be left unchecked. During winter months the wear and tear on the home as the first line of defense can be brutal. The constant barrage of wind, rain, low temperatures, snow and sleet in any combination can be a huge toll. That is why winterizing the roof is a must and should be done preventively months ahead of winter if possible. 

Emphasize to Winterize 

The various steps that are worth noting include but are not limited to:

  • Close inspection of what is visible 
  • Close inspection of what lies beneath
  • Check for pests
  • Check your attic and internal structure and more…

20/20 Vision

What do you see when you look at the roof up close? Outward appearance tells a bit of the story but digging deeper is recommended. Now you can see some glaring issues from ground level but nothing beats inspecting roof level to see any weak spots and damage. Cosmetically roof edges, gutters, eaves, decks and all the other parts of the roof should be examined by yourself and definitely a roofing company where their expertise is invaluable. When focusing on what may appear to be rot, loose or missing shingles, stains never ignore the little things as they can become a huge problem. Always try and begin checking months beforehand when weather is favorable if there is a need to do some work on your roof before the winter. Waiting too long can lead to a huge job versus minor damage that is increased in significance by winter weather.

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Attack the Attic

The space that lies right below the roof is a prime space for damage that may require thorough inspection by a roof contractor. He or she will check this area thoroughly as part of ensuring the health of the roof and overall home. Mildew, mold and problems can be bred by ventilation issues that will impact the roof. The key here is insulation so that prevention of heat deals with ventilation, in this way there is no way for ice to form such icicles or dams. This space is not to be skipped over so please check as part of winterizing your roof. It is wise to consult with expert roofers to help achieve proper insulation levels. 

Get out of the Gutter

This functional part of the roofing system is quite necessary shielding the home from rain, show and debris. It works very efficiently to do the following:

  • preventing water along foundation
  • deterioration in shingle rot or mold

Clear all gutters of any and all debris no matter how little as this is the pathway for rainwater or snow to drain. Water damage to the roof can be caused by something simple such as rain so getting any clogs addressed is paramount to roof care and longevity of the roof. Another checkpoint is the downspouts which need the same TLC as the gutters to avoid clogs, rusting and mold issues. Any found issues here seek a roofer.

An Inside Job

The inner workings of the home and any issues can be caused or impact the roof. If you see water stains on the ceiling are true signs of leaks in the roof structure. Do not forget to check the ceiling right below the roof for tell tale signs of issues. Prevention is the goal in winterizing the roof saving as much stress and added expense to the home especially in winter.

Hanging Out 

Things that have the ability to hang, hold a downward droop like a tree are structures that need to be checked regularly. Elements such as wind, rain, and snow provide heaviness that can bring a tree down. Even a substantial snowfall weighs branches down and this can negatively impact the integrity of the roof resulting in significant damage and impending roof repair. Remember snow is heavy. Branches should be trimmed and maintained ahead of the season to prevent this occurrence. Remember the best time to deal with trees and landscape is late fall before the impending winter begins. 

So it is clear that two things are crucial to roof longevity and keeping it well maintained, inspection and repair. Minor repairs done early will offset major ones later with roofing contractors. As a footnote check shingles for missing or loose pieces as well as flashing for any sign of deterioration. Your roof will work for you if you work with it taking care of the necessary details quickly and efficiently.